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I’d felt a bit nervous returning to the surgery with some chocolates. By way of a small thank you for treating me so promptly, and with such care. Quietly mentioning I thought most things were fine in moderation. Joked I’d never met a woman who didn’t like them, and if I did there was always carob.

Despite a good night’s rest I didn’t entirely feel on full form. Little bit jaded, perhaps a bit light-headed. Combination, I thought, of various medications and anaesthetic, much of it on an empty stomach. But still magnitudes better than the previous day, for which I was immensely grateful.


Monte the dentist had called me earlier, making sure I was fine. I was keen, I explained, to drop in and thank everyone in person. When would suit best I’d asked. Lunchtime he’d suggested. Mental note to self. Don’t stay too long. Quick photograph. Doubtless the only chance they’d have to sit down all day. And I’d Betsy and Rocky to go and thank for all their kindness and help.



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