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Raising the stakes

Camping at Deadman’s Lake had really been about raising the stakes. Mike and I had both stopped at organised sites, close to or in settlements, but had yet to wild camp in bear country. Deadman’s was the half-way house, the next step. Far more remote than those either of us had used before. A State run site, facilities were limited to a few composting toilets, a shelter, nothing more save for a warden living in a caravan. We never saw him, but the place was free.

There were a few others around. A Swiss couple in their RV – recreational vehicle. Imagined them to be pretty wealthy as it had Swiss plates. And friendly they were. The lady spoke good English, and her partner seemed appreciatively of my smiles and enthusiastic, if poor, efforts at schoolboy French. Very jovial I thought.

Next morning we were pleased. No bear encounters, and our food stash untouched. Agreeing we were now ready for the next step. Wild camping. In the Canada’s Yukon Province.



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