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South to Seattle

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Alaskan map

Not sure why I’d settled on Seattle as the next big goal, but I have. Got to cross Alaska and ride through Canada to get there, not a trivial undertaking in itself. It just seems intuitively right, logical even. Actually, a very old friend from school lives there, someone I used to ride around Pembrokeshire with as a teenager. Haven’t seen him for many years, and really keen to meet up with him again. Lots of catching up to do. There’s also a chance to ride with a fellow cyclist south of Seattle. Someone I’ve already met, whom I’d absolutely love to travel with. Think it would be a lot of fun. So much so, I’ve decided it’s a given that the timeline will fit.

Plan is simple. About 800 miles across Alaska, brief foray into Canada’s Yukon, then back into Alaska to catch a ferry from Skagway. Sailing along the Alaska Marine Highway to Prince Rupert in British Colombia, Canada. Then a further 1200 miles or so south to Vancouver, over the border back into the US and on to Seattle. Glad I’ve a multiple entry visa. Four border crossings. And, putting it all into a bit of perspective, the first stage of North America equates to riding from one end of the UK to the other. Twice. And a little bit left over.

[With especial thanks to friend and professional artist, illustrator and author Claudia for the sketch map – please do visit her at And a big thank you to Linda in Anchorage for sage advice on routes, mapping and quite a bit more. Plus Amelia for the Yukon guides and maps]


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