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Parting company

A chance meeting at a roadhouse had led to a week or so of riding together through the final stages of Alaska, and down into Canada’s Yukon Province. Some great shared experiences for Mike and I. Both the better for it. But now time to part company.

He was heading east for Minnesota whilst I was turning south, back into Alaska and the sea port of Haines, picking up the ferry down to Prince Rupert, in Canada’s British Columbia.

There’d been a final hearty breakfast in a cafe in Haines Junction. I joked he’d never look at a mini-donut in quite the same way again. If only I’d found a way to capture the consequences of devouring them, I’d have had a self-perpetuating stove.

Rations replenished in the town’s only store, we shook hands, promised to keep in touch, wished each other safe travels, and went our separate ways.



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