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South Park


The real South Park. Just south of West Seattle..



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2 responses to “South Park”

  1. Roach87 says:

    lovely photos there ken,I have not looked in for a few months and seeing that volcano had me wondering if you were near Mount St Helens?do excuse me if you were and have already wrote about it ,but i was thinking your general route down the west side of north America must go somewhere near by(by USA standards).Guess you and that bike must be well worn in by now.Good luck with
    Mexico when it comes.

  2. admin says:

    Great to hear from you – I’d been missing our banter! Not sure I’ve been too close to Mt St Helens but must have a look on the map. Am now in Los Angeles, so soon to run out of Pacific coast – not sure if you’re into touring, but if you are then the Pacific Coast Bike Route – Vancouver to San Diego – is well worth it, especially from Vancouver south to San Francisco. Incidentally, don’t think you ever let me know if you’re a Somerset resident? Would be good to meet up when I get home.

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