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Offers from Anchorage

August 5th, 2011

For all the frustrations of airline bookings, there had at least been good news with finding somewhere to stay. In Anchorage at least. Overly so it seemed. A fellow cyclist had offered to put me up. Aspirations to cycle around the world. Keen to pick my brains. As I of hers. Local knowledge. And keen to pick me up from the airport. Flight lands around five am so trying to persuade her to pitch up at Arrivals at a more sociable time. After three days of travelling sure a strong coffee won’t go amiss.

Imagining Anchorage to have more than its fair share of long-haul cyclists – strikes me as a very natural starting point for riding across North America – I’d also contacted a local hostel. Just to check availability and price. Nothing more. No fishing. Pleasant surprise. John, the owner, offering free hospitality and the chance for some local PR.

I’d also discovered the US Adventure Cycling Association. Or, more to the point, my parents had. Great online resource. Potential for lots of contacts along the road. So, recognising I’d be spending quite a bit of time in North America, I’d signed up. Struck me as a particularly worthwhile investment.

[Ken uses a very reputable US based website – – to seek hospitality with fellow cyclists]


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