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Return to Fitzhead

February 4th, 2012


A plan coming together… Return to my delightful Somerset village of Fitzhead. Riding back in at 2pm sharp Saturday 11 February 2012. A staggering 892 days and close on 20,000 miles since leaving. Makes me weep just thinking about it. Suppose that’s leather saddles for you. Things I’ll do for a generous slice of cake and a glass of bubbly. But staying off the kumus – fermented mare’s milk.

Very much looking forward to catching up with friends, I’d be absolutely delighted if you were to join me at the finish. Rumours even I might have a tear or two in my eye. No bear spray of course. And if you’re unable to make it, you should at least be able to listen online to yours truly chatting earlier in the day about the whole adventure with BBC Somerset’s Emma Britton. About 10.15 am – click here for a link to the BBC iPlayer.

Getting there….

The village lies roughly ten miles west of the county town of Taunton. If you’re coming from afar, it’s usually best approached from nearby Wellington, leaving the M5 at Junction 26, close to Taunton Deane Services. Use the Taunton exit only if you like to be ensnared in traffic…


Fitzhead is divided into roughly three parts, each with its own focal point – the old church, the manor house, and errr… the other bit.. The official finish is outside the (sadly now closed) Fitzhead Inn (on right hand side in photo above) – pop my TA4 3JP postcode into Google Earth and you’ll land on it.

[With especial thanks to Sue and Roger, Anton, Jon and Helen, Peter, Tony and Sarah and the Fitzhead Community Group, and Emma Britton at BBC Somerset]


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