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August 20th, 2011

I’d a day in hand, thanks to my premature departure from the rather depressing town of Lakes Entrance. Deciding to spend it in Toora, a day’s ride from the finish on Phillip Island. Besides, it was a Sunday and I rather liked the idea of a day of rest, mental rather than physical. Pottered for a while, something I’d often liken to faffing, but more focused, more productive.

With departure for Alaska getting ever closer, and mindful of all the things I’d need to do in Melbourne, I’d decided to empty out all the panniers. Bit of a purge. In part to sift out the inevitable, but unnecessary, accumulations. In part to remove items I’d not be allowed to import into the US or carry on an aircraft.

A few tricky items. Lubricants for my trusty steed. Flammable is a no-no, even in checked baggage, but mine were inflammable. Not quite sure I understand the difference, other than the point that there is one. And I’d the manufacturer’s data sheets to prove it.

But it was the First Aid kit that consumed most of my attentions. It’s a pretty comprehensive affair and one I’m not keen to have confiscated. However, clarity on what you’re permitted to import does seem to be a bit lacking.

From what I could make out, prescription medicines in their original containers were permissible. Provided you didn’t exceed ninety days supply and they are medications licensed for use in the States. So, to avoid confusion, out went anything with Cyrillic or Simplified Chinese characters. And a few items past their marked Use By date.


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