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Infectious diseases

January 8th, 2011

Tropics. Infectious diseases. Dengue Fever. And influenza. Yep. Alas, not a typo. The real thing. Been doing the rounds in the hostel. Not what I’d expected. But succumbed I had. Knew, from a bout a decade or so ago, this was flu proper. Lethargy, aches, terrible cough. And like Dengue, nothing to do but wait for it to pass. Frustrating. Whole new continent to explore.

On the bright side, even a cheap hostel room has air con. And TV so able to catch up on all those mostly British soaps I’d normally never watch. Then there’s been the Ashes coverage. Enough said about that. Besides, there’s extensive flooding to the south. Roads closed and likely to stay shut for a little while.

And I’d always planned to have a short break in Cairns, acclimatizing and catching up. Feeling pleased I’d decided to opt for a full tourist visa, reckoning the normal three months wouldn’t be quite enough. Just need to weather the storm. Before I encounter my first cyclone….

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