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Litigious society

September 15th, 2011

Car drivers, explained Kevin, would normally give you plenty of room on the road. If he’d said that this was because most were just considerate, I’d have bought it. But he didn’t. This, he quickly added, was a litigious society. People fearful of being sued. I’d been introduced to him in the lobby of the Bent Prop Inn in Anchorage. A fellow cyclist, he’d returned to the city after a spell on the road in the Lower 48. Spending a little time in the hostel whilst he found himself more permanent lodgings.

For my part, I assured him I’d some pretty hefty insurance. Covered for personal liability in the event of accident or collision. Explaining I didn’t want to end up bankrupt, even if the hike in premiums for putting a foot down in North America was a bit eye-watering.



Confessions of a cyclist

April 2nd, 2011

Crocodilus domesticus. Happy hunting. Up there with the loneliness monkeys. And the cyclone slip knot. Product of a furtive imagination. And a leather saddle.

I’d toyed with not owning up to a bit of creative writing. After all, if someone had fallen for a domesticated man-eating predator or a ludicrously implausible seaman’s knot, I’d not stand in their way. If only to get them out of the gene pool. Quickly.

But this is an increasingly litigious world. You know the sort. Reason they write "Caution Hot" on cups of steaming coffee.


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