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(In)decent proposals

January 24th, 2011

Nil. The number of marriage proposals. I’d been asked to provide a few statistics for some cycling magazine websites. Offered the usual favourites. Punctures. Tyres. Brake pads. But couldn’t resist sneaking in a few less conventional ones. Bribes paid. Bizarre places slept. And offers to become my next wife.

Beginning to feel a bit nervous that my humour might come back to haunt me. Good job I’d not mentioned some of my more tongue-in-cheek criteria. Like no beards. Bit picky I know. Life on the road does strange things to you.

Suppose I’d better head off now. Stake out. Cairns Public Library. Dusk. Darkening skies. Mustn’t forget the umbrella. And it’s not to shield me from rain or sun. No. Something far more unpleasant. Meanwhile, you can always take a look at the latest online article at magazine.

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