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Puppet on a string

November 1st, 2010

Come to China and you can’t but help become more aware of North Korea. Chinese Central Television doing their level best to put a positive spin on the secretive hermit nation. A country with so few real friends its had to resort to Facebook to bolster numbers. Not sure how that’s going. Can’t access it from mainland China.

One’s a puppet…
Kim montage - web

I did chance upon a promotional film on one channel that seemed to convey Dear Leader Kim Jong-il’s megalomaniac tendencies in a rather endearing fashion. A mad uncle. The sort quite a few families have. Admittedly without a nuclear arsenal at their disposal. By all accounts, and there aren’t that many from the secretive state to choose from, Kim’s been a bit unwell. Which explains the string operated stand-in the movie. An uncanny likeness. Just remember one’s a puppet.

[And the film? “Team America: World Police”. Watchable only for its portrayal of Kim Jong-il. If that doesn’t appeal, then at least watch the news reports for some particularly fine examples of synchronised clapping]

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