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August 7th, 2011

There’d been a potentially fatal incident with a truck back in northern New South Wales. The offender dealt with appropriately. But this was the exception. Vanishingly rare. Nevertheless, I’d not so much as blinked in my resolve to bring such a grave matter to a satisfactory conclusion. Not a jot of hesitation.

But, by the same token, I do believe in applauding those who do well. Steve, the jovial InterCity bus driver, back in New Zealand. And on the roads in Australia? Been doing a bit of a survey on the highway south. Keeping myself occupied in the saddle. Most considerate haulage company. Not exactly intellectually rigorous I’d admit. But good enough.

And there was a clear winner. Lindsay Transport. Their truckies consistently giving me lots of road room. A wide berth. So I’d dropped them a line. Asking their Transport Manager to pass on my gratitude to their drivers.




May 9th, 2011

Along the highway south of Mackay a few small communities. Insular. Often greeted by those who’d seen me earlier on the road. Either that or their cousin had. Also discovering that truckies keep their eye out for cyclists. No relations you understand. Radioing others of your presence. That and the fact you give them a big thumbs up when they give you a wide berth.


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