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Whacking the wallaby

May 11th, 2011

Nothing to do with monkeys. Rather a simple tale of close encounters with wallabies. Bounding haplessly out into the road. Quite unaware of your presence. Your silent approach. Their impending doom. And potentially serious damage to Emma, my trusty steed.

There are usually a few clues to raise your awareness of what lies ahead. Along the lines of the old joke – "We must be getting near the next town. Hitting more people". Increased road kill. With even a modicum of headwind you can usually smell it at a hundred paces.

Ordinarily I might wretch. But I find myself hardened to these sorts of things now. Suppose that’s Chinese communal pit toilets for you.



Lost in space

December 10th, 2010

"Confusion now hath made his masterpiece" William Shakespeare, English playwright, been dead a while…

Seems tales of planes, trains and automobiles, first impressions of Hong Kong, and lamenting New Year’s Eve in Sydney may have caused a spot of confusion. A friendly Yorkshireman expressed it more plainly. And with a lot more brevity. Made me smile. But this is a family orientated website so forgive me if I don’t repeat it exactly. Put another way, "Where’s Ken?"

"Expert. Someone who brings confusion to simplicity" Gregory Nunn, some American chap, still breathing

South of the city of Nanchang, roughly six hundred miles north of Hong Kong. On track to reach there in time for Christmas. Planning to celebrate in style with another Yorkshireman. Then off to Australia at the end of the month. Cheap flights irresistible.

"If confusion is the first step to knowledge, I must be a genius" Larry Leissner, another American chap

To be fair, I find China confusing enough at times. Roads that no longer exist, at least in a navigable form. Large provincial towns that appear unexpectedly. Not on the map. Add in a flying visit to Hong Kong a little while ago for a fresh Chinese visa. Picture easily becomes a little murky. Like the Yellow River.

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