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Bank Holiday DIY – well, sort of

You’d be forgiven for thinking that every spare moment is now spent solely preparing for the expedition, refining the route, checking visas, equipment and such like.

However, just the sheer time away from home adds an extra dimension of complexity. There’s the need to set up Power of Attorney for management of my affairs whilst I’m on the road. And, perhaps more pertinent for a Bank Holiday, there’s a good deal I’m doing to my 200 year old cottage to get it ready for my absence. All this is stuff no-one, quite understandly, talks about when long-term planning expeditions, but is very real. And, as the photo suggests, I don’t just mean a lick of paint…..


One response to “Bank Holiday DIY – well, sort of”

  1. Sue Mitchinson says:

    Love the web site, really enjoy your writing style (it sounds just like you talking).
    I look forward to much happy reading on this site over the next few years…
    Hope the preparations continue to go smoothly. Best wishes, Sue

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