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I’d woken early. Sensed the bedroom was much cooler than normal. I’d peered out through the blinds. Snow. Three or four inches, still falling fast. In the still, early morning air generous quantities were balanced precariously on the branches of nearby trees. After weeks of unusually mild conditions, winter had finally caught up with me.

Snowbound road

Cup of tea. Hot toast and a thick layer of honey. Fire up the woodstove. It was barely light outside, but I felt the need to mark the occasion, to hunker down for winter proper. Found myself checking the refrigerator. Enough milk, eggs and bread? I doubted if the Bulgarians ever worried themselves with such things. They’d be very used to this.

View from Julies

After breakfast I’d an idea. A fresh video for the website, and a short piece for Alex and Emily, who’s parents had kindly let me make use of their house here in the village. Then into the village proper, my first attempt at capturing snow scenes with the camera.


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  1. Myles says:

    Wow!! Im sat at the airport now. Looks like I chose the right time to get out. I was thinking of you cycling into Istanbul today in pouring rain as I was getting a taxi out. You are going to have so much fun 🙂 One thing I noticed is that you cannot cycle on the bridge over to Asia. Some creative thinking might be required.

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