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Harry Potter

Harry Potter. Definitely. Actually, he was the owner, not just of a small hotel, but a collection of riverside chalets and apartments. Not bad for twenty three. I’d arrived late on a wet February night, looking for somewhere to escape the weather. A little birthday treat.

He knew well I’d not be going on any further that night, but equally I knew he’d want the trade. An online translation service proved much quicker than my phrase book, enabling us to quickly settle on a price. I’d shown him my website and dinner had been thrown in. The translator advised that an evening meal was available ’immediately’. It was late I suppose.

We skipped the menu, but the food was hot and plentiful. I watched the owner at work, quietly ushering his staff. A light touch, interrupted only by the occasional ringing of his phone he kept close at hand. In the morning I returned to reception to retrieve my passport, catching a brief glimpse of his office. Business like. By the time I got home he’d probably have a chain of hotels.


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  1. Jackie Childs says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you and Emma celebrate in style! Jacks

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