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Authentic cuisine from another nation can be fairly elusive. The majority of restaurants modifying dishes to make their more appealing to the local palate. Or, in some instances, creating entirely new recipes. Like Balti. More Birmingham than Bombay.

Chinese food is, for the most part, just the same. What you find in England is an interpretation, probably based as much on perception as palate. Take rice. A staple side dish in the UK. But in China? Rice is generally available, but noodles are a far more common accompaniment.

But what of breakfast? Noodles. Sliced, cooked vegetables, often with peppers to add a bit of heat. Steamed pastries filled with chopped vegetables or meats, flat breads, omelettes, cakes and rice based soups. Even porridge and jam, if you’re prepared to make it yourself, the ingredients widely available.


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