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Paper trail…

Chinese inventions that changed the world? Gunpowder. And, of late, I’d add toilet paper. Originally the preserve of the ruling Dynasty, but now widely available. Which has proved to have been quite handy. Along with anti-diarrhoeals and antibiotics. I think you get the picture.

Spot of bad luck I’m sure. And a bit suspicious as to the effectiveness of my locally acquired medications. But, stoic as ever about these things. No point dwelling on such matters. Besides, with consequential progress much slower than I’d expected, plenty to occupy to me. Reaching Hong Kong isn’t an issue per se. Given enough time anything is possible.

And time is now an issue. Insufficient on my current visa, and, if I’m brutally realistic, my permitted thirty day extension is unlikely to be sufficient. China is a big country and the days are getting shorter. Calls for a more creative solution, just the sort of problem I relish. And I’ve already got a bit of an inkling as to how I might solve it. A cunning plan taking shape. Will make the sight of Hong Kong all the more satisfying….

[The author wishes to emphasise the cunning plan does not infringe either Chinese or UK law]


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2 responses to “Paper trail…”

  1. Sorry to hear about the intestinal tantrums… must make sitting on the saddle painful! Good luck with your plans to make progress, and and best wishes from us all here in rainy Wales.

    Claudia, Perry and James

  2. admin says:

    Great to hear from you – from a (probably) equally wet Xi’an – was glad the Terracotta Warriors were indoors! All’s well that ends well now, set on enjoying Christmas in Hong Kong – don’t worry, I’ll be arriving before then. And not exactly complaining at spending more time in China than originally planned – also fits well with making my Alaskan weather window next summer. Incidentally, did I ever mention your artwork features on my business cards, now pretty well distributed along the route? – picking up a fresh batch in HK – always at pains to make it clear I didn’t do the drawing myself!

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