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Cyclone Yasi – Cairns – the scene beforehand

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First light in Cairns. Eerie. Awaiting the imminent arrival of Cyclone Yasi. Now upgraded to maximum Category 5. Winds over two hundred miles an hour. It may be a very different scene tomorrow morning..


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3 responses to “Cyclone Yasi – Cairns – the scene beforehand”

  1. ColoradoPhil says:

    Thoughts and prayers for all in N. Queensland.

  2. admin says:

    Really appreciated – it’s going to be a monster

  3. Louise says:

    Had lost track of where in the world you were – and there you are at the eye of a huge storm. Can see that you are as well prepared as it’s possible to be. Your bike seems terribly small stowed like that. Stay safe.

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