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Monika’s on Lily

Tantilising aromas of freshly baked muffins. Banana cake. My favourite. Prepared on the premises. And great coffee. A small cafe – "Monika’s on Lily" – owned and run by Monika. Of course. Helped by Mum Ela, together with Emma and Kate. Always welcoming. And very understanding. I’d mistaken Ela’s Polish accent for one of a neighbouring nation. Mortified at my mistake. Quickly begging forgiveness.

MonL - web

Always a quiet admiration for the Polish work ethic. Not afraid of hard graft. Long hours. Doors open six am. Cyclone flood damage cleaned up so thoroughly you’d simply never have guessed. Not even the slightest hint of dampness in the air. Add a family wedding for good measure.

[You can find "Monika’s on Lily" in north Cairns on the corner of Lily Street and the James Cook Highway – a kilometre or so south of the airport]



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