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Crotch pot cooking

"Crotch pot cooking" was, I think, the expression used by Robin Williams in the film "Good Morning Vietnam". No khaki. Just cycling shorts. Black Lycra. And I mean ’just’. Going "Commando" to fend off fungal skin infections. Toyed with ditching my underwear altogether. But decided I might be glad of it in Alaska. Besides, this expedition’s not exactly a night out in Newcastle…

Truth is, in the wet season in the tropics everything flourishes. Mould. Council workers pressure washing the pavements. Householders regularly obliged to spring clean their homes. Damp. Almost tacky to the touch. And, for my part, trying to keep infections at bay. Nothing that my First Aid kit can’t contend with. So far at least.



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2 responses to “Crotch pot cooking”

  1. David Lewis says:

    Ken, sorry not to have written for a while. Good to see you are well. We are waiting for final confirmation of visas and starting to arrange shipping. Courses start Sydney 29 Aug. Will you be gone by then? David

  2. admin says:

    Alas, should be in Canada by then!

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