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Carmila. Dusk. Harsh servo floodlights. Adjacent a small van park. One or two permanent residents. Otherwise just transients. Overnight stop on the long haul from Mackay in the north to Rockhampton a few hundred miles to the south. Little, I’d been assured, of note between them.

I’d hoped to have reached a free campsite at St Lawrence. It was always going to be a long day. Without the strong headwinds. And I’d spent time sharing experiences with Nick and Tim. Unperturbed. Knew I’d find a stop at Carmila.

Dorothy ran the site with husband Dan. Names something I’d always enquire after. Much, it seemed, to the amusement of fellow travellers. “Cardwell. Colin’s van park“. “Sarina. Judy and husband Dennis“. “Innisfail. Margaret. Lovely lady“. My otherwise not so good short-term memory adapting. Retaining what matters.



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2 responses to “Carmila”

  1. Niall says:

    I think you meant Rockhampton Ken, about 146 miles south?

  2. admin says:

    Yep – well spotted!

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