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Highway etiquette

Bruce Highway from Ken Roberts on Vimeo.

A few extra rules I’ve devised to avoid becoming road kill on the Bruce Highway. Constantly being refined. Toying with one about simply parking up on Public Holidays….

1. Fit a mirror. And use it.

2. Wear a bright reflective vest or jacket. Always.

3. Give truckies who give you road room a big thumbs up – most do – and curse those who don’t – no making abusive gestures – see Rule 8.

4. Wave to northbound truckies – chances are they’ll pass you soon enough going southbound – nowhere else to go.

5. Put your rear lights on in the rain.

6. Assume all long-distance coach drivers are blessed with morbid stupidity. Especially those nice chaps driving for a little outfit that reminds me of racing whippets…

7. Avoid riding too close to the edge of either the road or the shoulder – it’s your escape lane – see Rule 6.

8. Remember – most truckies chat to each other on CB radio.



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