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Scottish Pride

Scottish Pride from Ken Roberts on Vimeo.

Hadn’t really registered them, or their bikes, through my rain sodden glasses. In the gloom of the late afternoon. Until John’s distinct Scottish lilt jolted me into life. Fellow touring cyclists. Sat relaxing on the verandah of a small chalet. Usual exchange of pleasantries. Shouted across the wide grass verge before I realised it’d be quite a bit easier if I rode a bit closer.

I’d been heading south. Hoping, somewhat optimistically, to reach the town of Mackay by nightfall. Instead, obliged by failing light to stop in Calen. Finding a small van park. Quick recce of the grounds before checking in. During which I’d stumbled across John and his wife Francis. Riding anti-clockwise around Australia. Starting in Perth on the west coast. Already a good distance covered.

Joining them later. Exchanging suggestions as to where to stop along the highway. Their experiences of a year or so living in Haverfordwest. Close to where I’d grown up. John’s work as a vet. Did that make him the expedition doctor? Francis seemed less than enthusiastic about this suggestion.



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