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More feathered friends

More feathered friends from Ken Roberts on Vimeo.

Parrot or pigeon? Actually parrots – Galahs (Latin name Cacatua roseicapilla, always handy to know if you’re ever in Ancient Rome). By all accounts, not very bright. Terrible road sense. Frequently getting run over. Hence the Aussie slang term – Galah – for someone who’s intellectually challenged. And I thought it was a type of apple…

Incidentally, if you’re impressed by my knowledge of these feathered friends, don’t be. I’ve a very informed source. Someone who knows about these things. He’d suggested the slang usage a bit harsh. Or as he put it, like saying someone was a bit Irish. But obviously not in front of Gerry Adams.

[With especial thanks to "Michael" for the advice and dry wit. Currently on the run from some nice chaps from Northern Island..]



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