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Sea-to-Sky Highway


Beyond Clinton, a simple choice. Continue along the Cariboo Highway towards Vancouver. Or follow Route 99 – the Sea-to-Sky Highway. The scenic route. Rated by one UK national paper as the 5th best road trip in the world. Knew it would be tough. Hoped it would be rewarding. Through the mountains and then south to the coast. An irresistible choice.

Stopping for a brief coffee at the historic Hat Creek Ranch, close to the intersection of the Cariboo and Sea-to-Sky Highways, server Pamela summed up the road ahead. Towards Lillooet, my intended stop for the night, hilly. Then on to Pemberton, mountain-ey. I thought her Indian. Gravelly voice. Sure she’d the deep, raucous laugh I’d begun to notice amongst indigenous women.



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2 responses to “Sea-to-Sky Highway”

  1. Damien says:

    Hey Ken,

    Just checking out your blog, interesting videos. Why are you so many weeks behind in updating? Where are you now?

    Hope you are well.


  2. admin says:

    Hi Damien – Now in San Francisco, having finally crossed the Golden Gate Bridge a bit earlier – as ever, always a few weeks ahead of the blog – although photos and videos may be more recent as I upload those whenever I can! Safe travels Ken

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