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Tasty alternative to tuna I’d said. Smiling. She appeared unimpressed. I’d asked what Catch-of-the-Day was. Mahi Mahi. What was it, I’d asked. Dolphin. Subsequently adding it was the fish, not the mammal. Sounded good, I said. And it came with fries I thought looked a lot like proper chips. Thick. Crinkle cut. Lightly salted.

I was stuck. Dauphin Island. High winds preventing the ferry across Alabama Bay to Fort Morgan from sailing. Retracing my steps over the causeway and heading inland around the bay would cost a hundred miles or so. No choice but to wait it out. For now.

The island was largely deserted. Out of season. Small supermarket, couple of gas stations and a seafood cafe the hub of the community. Steady rain but warm. Dreary rather than depressing. Left pondering what I’d do the next day. Winds gradually increasing.



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