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Above the cacti

December 16th, 2011

Ken notices the absence of cacti. Bit of an educational piece



Rude and amusing

December 14th, 2011


Just knew Mike from Norfolk, who, incidentally, is the owner of Wallace the Wallaby for his previous witticisms, would come up trumps. This has Caption Competition written all over it. So, a couple of his suggestions:

“It all started when Hiawatha came to bathe nearby”

“I went to see the Doctor and he just said I was a big prick”

There were other suggestions, I hasten to add not from Mike, but they washed over my innocence. Something to do with batteries…



True Grit

December 12th, 2011

The sign had said "Welcome to Arizona. The home of the Grand Canyon". I’d have taken a photograph but jaywalking on the Interstate lacked appeal. Besides, it’d hadn’t taken long to realise that a more apt description of State should include prodigious references to gravel and cacti. There was a lot of both. An awful lot.


I’d seen quite a few Recreational Vehicles parked up in the desert. The attraction alluding me. All the appeal of caravanning in a gravel pit. Reliant instead on my father unlocking the mystery. His suggestion that they were probably Alaskans wintering down south.




December 7th, 2011

Ken usually finds flora and fauna a bit elusive. But not this time. Cacti. Mind you, it can hardly run away


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