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Cuddly critters

June 17th, 2011

Cuddly critter

Caution. Drug-crazed teddy bears ahead. Or, for new-comers to the blog, koalas. Sleep sixteen hours a day. When awake stoned out of their tiny minds on eucalyptus leaves. Every family has one…



Note to self

June 6th, 2011

Note to self. Religion. Sex. Politics. Topics to avoid in polite company. To which I’d now add koalas. I’d mistakenly thought that a lethargic teddy bear, generally stoned out of its especially tiny mind, would be a safe bet. Wrong. Very.

I was spending a few nights with Mike, Mandy and Felicity on the outskirts of Brisbane, Queensland’s capital. Joined for dinner by their friends Kieran and Becs, and young daughter Caitlin. Mike had got in touch with me via the website, following my progress from China onwards. Invited me to stay. Making me very welcome. So much so, I’d left secretly kicking myself for not being able to spend a few more days there.

koala sleeping

It all seemed to make sense at the time. Leading on nicely from hamsters. Explained I’d finally uncovered their evolutionary purpose. Simple really. Judging by the number we’d had when growing up, the little furry critters had clearly evolved to teach children about bereavement. In fact, there’d been so many we’d had to recycle names. My only regret the confusion that may arise in a few millennium. When archaeologists uncover the mass grave in the garden.

What, I asked, was the purpose of the koala? Explained I understood it slept about sixteen hours a day, and when actually awake was normally high on eucalyptus leaves. In the ensuing debate passions flowed. Found myself sympathizing with the bears, not least because much of the discourse when over my head. As it would have done theirs.



Keeping off the grass

May 8th, 2011


Wonder if that deters the koalas? Cuddly little critters. Apart from the sharp claws. Sleep sixteen hours a day. Rest of the time stoned out of their especially tiny minds. Or fighting amongst themselves. Lifestyle choice for some.



Koalas – the Action Movie

March 21st, 2011

Koalas – the Action Movie from Ken Roberts on Vimeo.

Koalas. No need for stunt doubles. This is about as energetic as they get.



Out of their trees

March 1st, 2011

koala - web

Close. Toyed with either a kangaroo or a koala as a mascot. Gone for the former. Skippy. Wise choice. In retrospect. For I’d subsequently discovered that latter probably wouldn’t convey quite the right image. Sleeps about sixteen hours a day. Even when awake, is generally stoned out of its especially small mind. Vacant stare. For some, living the dream. An aspiration. An entire work ethic. Still, you can’t exactly blame the cuddly little critters. If all you had to look forward to was easting eucalyptus leaves, reckon you’d soon loose the plot…

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