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Blue skies and blue screens

It couldn’t have happened in a nicer place.  Three thousand feet up in the largely deserted ski resort of Belles-Huttes, about 50 km short of the German border at Freiburg.  Cloudless skies, warm in the afternoon, bitter at night.

It had worked the night before.  But not now.  The netbook wasn’t playing, just the dreaded blue screen before it turned itself off.  Maybe it was sulking.  In the grand scheme of things it shouldn’t matter.  At worst, maybe a few weeks without my own working computer on a venture that would take years to complete.  As you can see, it doesn’t stop me from keeping the website up to date, it just makes it that bit harder.

Reflecting over lunch, this was just another problem to be solved.  There would be many more.  And I had a plan……


2 responses to “Blue skies and blue screens”

  1. Mother says:

    Try checking that the battery isn’t loose! Trust me it could be!

  2. Barbara Shaw says:

    Sorry about your computer- hope your plan works. I am just as puzzled here as to why I can’t retune my digi box!!! But i don’t have any ideas- that work!!!

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