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The bears had gone out for the day… Actually, this is a permanent residence on a campsite in Epinal, Eastern France. No, really. And it’s illuminated at night.


2 responses to “Goldilocks”

  1. Barbara Shaw says:

    Hi Ken
    Been catching up on your progress and really enjoy the stories of various places. Can’t find Epinal on my map but it looks like you have some hilly regions coming up as you leave France and join the Danube.

    I love the little house and figure it might be cheaper to run than mine!!!

    Hope you are eating healthily- not all frites!!! and keep on meeting interesting people on your way.

    Aunty Barbara

  2. Colin Cahill. says:

    Only you can tell them,Gnomes with afro hair styles behind bars eating chips and drinking beer with a one eyed pussy. Hope to see some pics of the tent and bike.
    Is it true you silently speak to your spokes as you pedal pathways peacefully .
    Great blog.


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