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The Germans

’Municipal’ campsites are a curious French thing. Clean, functional, well-maintained with generous sized pitches, and at a price you really couldn’t quibble over. The clientele – at least the ones I could find – seemed reassuringly lower middle class. And yet you felt that in staying there you’d fallen on hard times. Perhaps it’s the locations – surrounded by industrial estates, or so far out of town even the budget airlines would balk a little…

Then there’s Mayenne – strictly speaking ’Camping municipal rue Saint Leonard’. You knew it was going to be good – the Germans were there in force. And they do love their excursions into France. A few beleaguered Brits huddled together at the far end of the site. I decided to join the Germans, largely because even I cringed when they spoke French. I felt much better.

It was late in the season for sun loungers, but there was WiFi under a small wooden canopy. The Germans sat in lines on the benches, laptops perched on the trestle tables. I watched for a while then picked up my towel and went for a shower.


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  1. Fabrice says:

    Welcome in Fresnay !
    J’espère que votre étape vous fût profitable. Restons libres et simples, contemplatifs et ouverts…DICTON LOCAL (mayennais) : “Le bocage n’est pas un simple découpage”
    Fabrice (SANS SOUCI)

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