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Sunday drivers

A brief overnight stop in the city of Novi Sad, then on to the capital, Belgrade. I was tiring of the incessant mud, and it wasn’t limited to just the cycle way. I’d about a hundred kilometres to cover and really didn’t relish the idea of arriving in the dark, especially as I’d only a rough idea as to where the hostel for the next few days might be.

So I decided to take a direct road route. It was a Sunday morning so I hoped it would be relatively quiet. The rain had returned once more, persistent. A long, drawn climb made for slow progress in the first few hours. At least they’d be a good downhill run. There was, but endless potholes and unforgiving traffic thwarted my efforts to make up time.

As I crept towards the capital, progress improved. The roads were much better, even if the traffic wasn’t. Through the suburbs, nondescript, then onto a wide boulevard, past a vast Communist era hotel. Deserted now. Then a helpful city street map at a bus stop. I soon reached the central coach station, quickly locating my hostel. Just brief interlude to chat to yet another friendly Police officer. Such nice chaps.


2 responses to “Sunday drivers”

  1. Myles says:

    I do not envy you doing that 6km climb in the rain. I did it today in full blue skies and the crazy Serbian lorry drivers were scaring me senseless. I opted for the direct route down the highway and spent my hours sucking in every time I heard someone sneak up behind. I hear getting out of Belgrade is even worse. All the best.

  2. admin says:

    The direct route from Novi Sad to Belgrade is interesting – and you’re right, heading north out of Belgrade is an experience!

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