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Catch the pigeon


Didn’t exactly look the long-haul variety, but pigeons unexpectedly thin on the ground in Almaty. Still, hopeful my feathered friend will be able to bring news from Western China, currently devoid of any internet connection. Eventually. Or perhaps best to pack some stuffing mix, just in case I have a change of heart…. or simply get a bit peckish.

[Author’s note: For those of you following me on Facebook please note I’m getting mixed messages about whether or not I can access the site from anywhere in China. However, blog posts will continue to appear there automatically, even if I can’t see my own page!]


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One response to “Catch the pigeon”

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Ken
    Just caught up on your last week’s travel and wishing you well through China. Glad you enjoyed Bishkek.
    Best wishes

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