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Rough sleeping

He’d smiled. Understood what I’d muttered quietly in English when yet another person had tried to push in. Lost on the culprit. We’d picked the wrong ticket queue, but in the heat were resigned to a long wait rather than start afresh at another window.

Earlier I’d decided I’d take a train to get clear of Almaty, heading north as far as the town of Saryozek and the start of the run through the mountains east to the Chinese border. An unavoidable necessity to help ensure I made the crossing before my entry visa became invalid. I’d be arriving after midnight and was reckoning on sleeping in the station until first light. Around five am.

I’d then push east through the mountain passes, up to about five thousand feet, aiming to cover the one hundred and forty miles to the border in about thirty hours. I’d wild camp along the way so I could make the most of the cool mornings and late evenings. Plan was to cross into China the next morning, leaving myself a day spare. But first I needed to get the rail ticket…..


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