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September 30th, 2010

"Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect!" – Owens Lee Pomeroy


Vindicated. For many years my assertion that there really was a 70s "Amazin’ Raisin" confectionary bar always met with flat denials amongst friends. Mention its colourful wrapper and suggestions of psychedelia. Well, they would politely suggest, it was the 70s, wasn’t it? I’d counter by pointing out I was barely into double figures by the end of the decade, wearing flares and cagoules my greatest misdemeanours.

Truth was it did exist. Cadbury had confirmed this. Found myself salivating in the saddle. Thoughts of delicious chocolate, nougatine, and raisins of course. Imagining the texture, biting into the bar. Felt tearful, but that was down to evoking allied memories of family holidays. The plentiful supply of dried fruits east of the city of Urumqi had sparked the day dreaming. Thought the bar more robust in the heat than my other old favourite, rum and raisin flavoured "Bournville Old Jamacian" chocolate. Rumours are it’s back…

But don’t think we’ll ever see chocolate filled cigarettes returning to the High Street. Consigned to history, a social aberation. Unless you know where to look on the web. If they fuelled addiction, it was for chocolate, not nicotine. Or that was my experience. Suppose I’ll have to settle with imagining "Space Dust" tingling on the tongue.

[With especial thanks to Cadbury Customer Relations Department for permission to use the "Amazin’ Raisin" wrapper image. The famous Cadbury script is a registered trademark and must not be reproduced in any form]

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