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Chariot racing

April 13th, 2011

Ok. Not actual racing. And it was dark. So no footage I’m afraid. Just a quarter of a tonne of two adults, two young boys. And a chariot [on the left in the photo below]. Towed by yours truly on a tricycle. Up hill. Quite slowly.

Trike - web

Still wedded to the traditional touring bicycle – panniers rather towing a trailer – of course. But I’d found myself being rather impressed by Kent’s collection of recumbent cycles. His being the tricycle variety. Comfortable. Surprisingly agile. Nippy. Beautifully engineered. But, being so low to the ground, probably best suited to sealed roads. Quieter ones at that.

Seemed I’d stumbled over something of recumbent community. Introduced to Charles, a short ride a way. Inventive type. English. Offered me tea. Built his own machines. For himself and others. Introducing some novel features of he’d conceived himself. When not making telescopes. Inquisitive mind. Almost child-like curiosity. But with practicalities of experience.


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