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Smiling for the camera

October 18th, 2011

I’d struggled to smile for the camera. An icy descent into Williams Lake. Heavy rain and no need to pedal had meant I soon felt the cold. Unpleasant, prolonged by the need to slow right down, hampered by spray from passing vehicles and rivers of surface water flowing across the tarmac. Beginning to shiver, I’d decided to stop, find a cafe and warm myself up with a coffee. But first I needed some cash.

And that’s when I’d met Rick, journalist for local community tv station Was I interested in doing a piece to camera? Yes, of course, delighted I said. Coffee could wait. For a little while. You can see the resultant piece on Williams Lake Independent Community Television by clicking here – look for the September 19th weekly show.

Another chance opportunity brightening up an otherwise miserable day. The rain had started as I’d become to strike camp at Deep Creek. Drizzle at first, soon turning heavy. Rick has suggested a local cafe. I’d found it hard to leave, no let up in the weather outside. Pondering how far I’d need to go, confident of better conditions the next day.


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