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I’d seen plenty of traditional Queenslander houses. Wooden construction. Single storey, raised off the ground, often by as much again. Less chance of inundation during the wet season. But never ventured inside. Until now. Spending a couple of nights in one with hosts Peter and Jacki. In the mining town of Mackay.


Colonial feel. Punka whallahs on the verandah wouldn’t have seemed amiss. House flexing with the seasons. Humidity. Sometimes doors close. Sometimes they don’t.



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2 responses to “Queenslander”

  1. G’day Ken!

    Thank you very much for the postcard from Queensland. I hope your journey is going well, you must have been on the road for quite a while now, was it September 2009 when you set off? Please do keep in touch, we love receiving your little notes to let us know how you are getting on, I have quite a stack of them by my desk now!

    Best Wishes

    Louise Bamford @ Lifeline Language Services Ltd.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Louise – No so many language difficulties here in Australia – natives seem to have reasonable grasp of English – presume I should thank BBC World Service! Been on the road now for over 600 days, starting September 2009 – doesn’t time fly?! Assuming I don’t actually hit a suicidal wallaby on the road, or get nibbled by bears in Alaska later this year, more postcards to follow!! Ken

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