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Another winner..

August 28th, 2011


And the winner is…. Mike Harcup. Soon to be the proud owner of Wallace the Wallaby after leaving the wittiest comment with his donation to The Outward Bound Trust:

"Wallace says that after Skippy saw the Doctor the advice was that Skippy could go blind due to his habit so I had to buy him a pair of boxing gloves"

Mike’s a regular correspondent and, thanks to his sharp wit and eye for detail, a frequent contributor, albeit indirectly, to the website. And I have to confess his comment had me thinking. Can’t really ride with boxing gloves on so best I stop picking my nose…. And you were thinking of Captain Pugwash…



Lonely hearts

August 11th, 2011


"Cuddly wallaby seeks new home. GSOH. NS. Domestically trained."

Wallace the Wallaby is feeling a bit unloved. Just one donation with a witty comment. Bit over my head – something to do with Skippy being obliged to wear boxing gloves. Presumably prevent him picking his nose – perhaps I’m being a bit naive, but I blame my years in the Girl Guides… Actually, I used to live at a Girls School. No, really, I did! North Hertfordshire.

So, please do consider a donation to The Outward Bound Trust and with it, a suitably witty comment. Click here for more details. Closing date for entries 22 August 2011.

[With thanks to Mike, great source of dry wit that never ceases to amuse me. Suspect he’s a secret contributor to Private Eye magazine. And hugely knowledgeable ornithologist]



Message from the Management

May 22nd, 2011


You may have noticed a little humour creeping into the blog. Or at least, stuff that amuses me. Persevere. Like those annoying garden weeds, good chance the cold will kill it off. Soon. Starting to get nippy here. But, until then, some insight into what tickles my proverbials. What sort of one-liner might secure Wallace the Wallaby for you when I complete the Australian leg. Give it a go. Get donating – click here to find out more.



Half way Down Under

May 15th, 2011

Marsupial page

Half way Down Under. Bit ahead of the blog, Ken, trusty steed Emma, and mascots Skippy the Kangaroo and Wallace the Wallaby now south of Brisbane. Capital of Queensland. Mid-point of Australia’s east coast.

Sydney. Melbourne. End of another continent. In their sights. So time to think about making a donation to support the work of The Outward Bound Trust. And with it the chance to offer a home to Ken’s marsupial mascots. To find out more, visit Wallace and Skippy’s page – click here.


Family affair

April 3rd, 2011

Pair - web

Skippy has teased out some very generous donations. Hugely appreciated by Emma, my trusty steed, and I. And The Outward Bound Trust. But most of all, by the young people able, as a result, to undertake nothing short of life-changing courses with the charity.

Skippy’s a socially aware critter, conscious of tough economic times back in Blighty. So time to introduce fellow marsupial Wallace the Wallaby. Like a kangaroo, just smaller. Far less chance of one disembowelling you. So no need for the gloves.

Wallace can be yours for safe keeping. Once we’ve got the Australian continent in the bag. Plan is to give Wallace to whoever leaves the most witty comment when making a secure donation via my JustGiving page. Doesn’t matter how much you give. Few pounds. Or a lot more. Because it all helps. Just need to make me smile. The most.

Inevitably the legal types require some terms and conditions. Conveniently, these are the same as for the awarding of Skippy to a good home. See 5 March 2011 blog entry entitled "Hostage to fortune". With one important difference:

"Awarding of Wallace

Wallace will be awarded to the person making an eligible donation, between 9 April 2011 and Ken’s completion of the Australian stage of his expedition, deemed to be accompanied by the most witty comment. Ken’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into."

Please remember, the making of a donation is considered to be acceptance of these terms and conditions.

[Neither the awarding of Skippy or Wallace to a good home is considered to be a lottery as defined by the Gambling Act 2005. But, even if it was, then it’d be an incidental non-commercial lottery. Which doesn’t require a licence. Or registration with a local authority. So, either way, perfectly legal. Well, this is an ethical venture. So you’d expect me to consider these things]


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