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October 29th, 2010

Hi folks

Wet day err waiting for something. More of that a bit later. But a chance to do a spot of housekeeping. Sort of. Website statistics, some I’d retrieved, others James the webmaster had sent me. Really very inclement outside.

Intriguing. Supposed I’d been spurred on a bit by the steady rise in the daily hit rate on the website. Helps push the pedals. Sizeable UK audience as you might imagine, but Australia and Russia not that far behind. But dwarfed by the US, close on half the visits.

And just as fascinating, countries with just a few hits. Cameroon, Lebanon, Uruguay. Quite a few others. Even Iran. Oops. But nothing yet from the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. Expect their internet terminal may be a bit busy responding to Facebook requests. Might have to provoke them a bit…

Coming up as I head towards Hong Kong, quite a bit I hope will both educate and entertain. The usual dramas on the road. Marching bands and Mexican waves. The long arm of the Law. What the butler actually did. Mud and mascara. Spot of armchair adventure, my shorthand for acquiring visas. Terracotta warriors and tea ceremonies in Xi’an. Watching the Westerners. Some very dubious nocturnal ’research’. Oh yes, and the odd satirical dig at despotic nations.

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Yours appreciatively



Back on the road

April 11th, 2010

ac globe - refreshed

Spring. It was good to be back on the road, driving hard along the old Silk Road from Trabzon into Georgia and the Caucasus. No sign of the camels, but lots of Turkish lorries so I kept my eye out for large road kill. Emma and I felt refreshed, the same, we thought, that could be said of our website

Lots of fresh, new content. More videos – with the obligatory shades and mug of tea of course, radio interviews, photos, even a map of my intended route through the Caucasus and the ’Stans. And more to come – Bishkek beckons!

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